OWR awaiting approval for publication

Hello everyone! For those of you who’ve been anxiously awaiting the new issue, good news! It is, for the second time, ready to print. Copyright issues delayed us, and then an author withdrew his piece, forcing us to redo the page count.
To get back to our page limit (those of you in the printing business know it has to be in multiples of eight), we edited author bios to remove the three outlying pages. Hopefully this is amenable to everyone, as it was far preferable to taking out pieces we’d already accepted! We know the authors put time and effort into writing those bios, and we put time and effort into editing them!
Stay tuned for news about the 2012 issue, and for 2013- it looks to be a great year!

OWR Printing Update

Greetings all! Hope your summer is going well. We have sent the issue to the printers but have not heard back from them yet. We’ll post the news here and send out contributor copies as soon as they’re available!


Welcome to OWR!

Our site is currently being updated. We expect to have more coming soon! Keep checking for updates, and find us on Facebook! Thanks for your patience.